Image: Unknown ( You’re taking hours to write an essay that your friend only took two hours to complete. You keep thinking to yourself: ‘Why. Am. I. Like. This?’ Sound familiar? If you haven’t felt pressured at least once

As International Men's Day was celebrated on 19 November, the prompt for Club Ink's November writing competition was based on how ‘Men react to being called beautiful’. The two winning pieces are below. By Shahd Abdalla, Year 3, Psychology with

Club Ink and RedBeat decided to collaborate and showcase one of Middlesex University's talented writers! The first activity done in Club Ink was called 'The Story in a Picture' where participants were made to choose one photograph among five and

Travel back to last year's International Day to discover food secrets from cultures across the globe Adjusting the camera lens, explosions of colour and unfocused groups of people could be seen. When finally in focus, a magnificent view awaited. Exotic colours