Binge eating, overconsumption of sugar, nicotine, spirits and engaging in highly risky behaviour – to term them better, psychologists call this an escapist attitude; an escape from accepting that one needs the right mental health guidance.  So, what stops people

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, Middlesex University Dubai is to be remained closed until the end of the academic year. Recognising the efforts of the university and the clubs to support students with academics and fun activities during this Yara Hamdan documents her journey from Dubai to Paris along with her friends. The city of love The city of lights Historical Artifacts and the Eiffel tower Paris painted a picture so beautiful, rich with its history, food, and wine. Middlesex University Dubai gave us a chance

"Boys don’t cry.” "There is no such thing as a house-husband!” "He's supposed to have more zeroes in his paycheck than her.” "He's taken an off from work because his child is sick? That’s surprising.” All these statements, used so frequently, it’s all normalised. Masculinity is given