Hallyu or The Korean Wave is a collective term used to refer to the Korean culture's phenomenal growth, including music, dramas and its cuisine in various other countries. There's not one person who hasn't heard of K-Pop (Korean pop culture) or K-Dramas (Korean Dramas)

Six years ago, I met a doe-eyed Desi poet (who refused to call herself one then) on Instagram. When I scrolled through her posts, I noticed how passionate and considerate she was in voicing her thoughts with delicate words. And

International Women's Day may have passed a few weeks ago and Mother’s Day went by a few days back, but our love and admiration for these empowering humans continues to grow every day. Despite being exhausted from working with no

International Children’s Day celebrated annually on November 20, possibly has no significance for us as we all, (or at least most of us) are adults. However, in schools, this day is cherished as if it arrives in a leap year.

In these times of distress, a lot of us are forced to be away from home, and this small poem talks about the elements of comfort and warmth to humans — a feeling of home we find only in places