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Warning: There might be spoilers. For those of us who have kept up with Sherlock Holmes from back when it was reading material in school, we have seen it take on various adaptations. From Elementary to the BBC’s Sherlock, it was no surprise that there was

The newsroom can be intimidating, and often too fast to keep up with. However, whether it may be a Pulitzer Prize winner, a student, or even a journalist we look up to, the demanding atmosphere of a publication's office is I procrastinated writing this article until I ironically realised that I was being super unkind to myself by doing so. Now, you must be thinking: What is she on about? Isn’t not doing work a good thing? Don’t you need a breather?  Yes and

I sit here, sick, a million other tasks clouding my mind, trying to write an article on mental health, and I can’t help but think, ‘when was the last time I took a self-care break?’  I know I can’t remember, and you