Have your relatives had breast cancer? Does diabetes run in your family? Are you aware of any records of mental illness in your family? Getting to know one’s family’s health history is important; not only in being aware of the

Food is an integral part of one’s cultural identity. The dishes that are native to a country or community are passed from one generation to the other. Immigrants transfer their idea of a traditional dish within the countries they reside

Quarantining  [kwar-uhn-teen-iin] verb The act of knowing better since the first quarantine and supplying yourself with essentials and goodies. Figure 1: The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo (1512). Image credits: Unsplash.  Many countries have reintroduced restrictions with a second lockdown to limit the expansion of the coronavirus.

From the sun-kissed beaches of the Aegean Sea to the Alps for skiing, to the sandy air of the desert, to the Buddhist temples, and to a mix of cultures, I present to you five destinations to add to your

Preface  The following text is a three-part monologue which describes the thoughts of a person in a period of great horror and difficulty. Inspiration to this monologue serves the COVID-19 pandemic. The descriptions are written in first-person and can reflect any

The year has taught us more than ever of what difficulties mean. It has taught us that we all are in this together and that our faith and willingness have the power to protect us in our most challenging moments.

With the development of internet and the improvement of technologies in the last two decades, online courses have been introduced in the spectrum of education. Anyone can attend an online course and obtain a qualified degree in a field of