A vision of confidence. A symbol of poise and class, strutting in boss-lady style straight into the certified fashion Hall of Fame.  The Beyoncé of the fashion world. Make way, ladies and gentlemen. The powerful pantsuit has arrived.  Image Credits: @mariamshsk via Instagram. The two-piece (sometimes

It’s been almost an entire decade since the ‘mom’ jean slowly disappeared from everyone’s closets, but now the trend is coming back and its revival is stronger than ever. Baggy denim is taking over #Fashion, engulfing it in each of

Trigger Warning: dieting, disordered eating, body dysmorphia and mental illness It’s three in the morning.  I’ve been lying in bed, awake, for hours now, trying to fall asleep. I’m tired. My limbs are limp, my eyelids are heavy, and my brain feels slow,