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The advent of the new year brought in a Kaleidoscope event by Club Fearless, Middlesex University’spublic speaking club. Kaleidoscope has a long-established track record of bringing together studentsfrom various fields and enabling their diverse participation in pertinence to the chosen

RedBeat had the opportunity to chat with a few students about their cultures during Middlesex University’s 14th ‘International Day’. There is a broad spectrum of tradition that inhabits the MDX student body and RedBeat is honoured to have witnessed this

To the untrained eye, a building is no more than a structure comprising of walls, windows, doors, and a roof. Those involved in the creation of buildings, though, would (rightfully) argue differently. Upon my first visit to Middlesex University Dubai’s

As we grow closer to adulthood, we are told to grasp every opportunity that comes to us. Our elders encourage us to bring a change into the world by taking the necessary steps, ensuring we do not repeat the same

I have caught myself several times wondering, where have the everyday things we see and use get their names from? Who thought of them and how were their names decided? I frequently think to myself, do we all perceive the same colours in

Why is Japan called Japan, when its official name in Japanese is ‘Nippon or Nihon’ (in Japanese: ‘日本’)? In other languages as well, its name varies. ‘Japon’ in French, ‘Giappone’ in Italian, ‘Yaponiya’ in Russian, 일본 (Il-bon) in Korean, and 日本 (Rìběn) in Chinese. All

Ideally, we all would desire to live in a world where we have the same opportunities and reside in a community where gender diversity and equality are viewed as central values. The entertainment industry is powerful in reflecting and shaping the

Figure 1. Anti-abortion protest outside the US Department of Justice. Source: Unsplash. The motto, “liberty, equality, fraternity”, appearing first in the French Revolution of 1787, has formed the current basis for human rights. It brought together legal guarantees of civil liberties and

Have your relatives had breast cancer? Does diabetes run in your family? Are you aware of any records of mental illness in your family? Getting to know one’s family’s health history is important; not only in being aware of the