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Trigger warning: contains themes surrounding death. When sun is down, and moon is outWhen darkness looms and spreadsFrom shadow, tall, he walks aboutWithin our sleeping heads A step he takes, with every breathAs ticking time goes onWith him, the bitter stench

The clock wouldn't stop, nor was it to slow down, the sun merciless with orange. I Savour the Burn of the arid days. The bleeding sunsets and calm waves, all whispering over and over. Like a broken carousel around and around once again. The

Too strange a stranger felt Far beyond the touch of his world For everything seemed stranger than he compelled A stark parallel better than worse. Too strange everything seemed, yet At the street of his infancy The only nostalgia that seems to hit Was the reminder of

Coffee and Tea – could be a light dose of happiness for some people, but for some, their daily routines cannot go by smoothly without a fresh cup of brewed coffee or milk tea. The poet of the month competition,

Six years ago, I met a doe-eyed Desi poet (who refused to call herself one then) on Instagram. When I scrolled through her posts, I noticed how passionate and considerate she was in voicing her thoughts with delicate words. And

The burning embers and the spitting flames, The falling flakes of the silvery remains. But if every cloud has a silver lining, However can I leave mine dying? So I built myself from the dusty cinders, Strand by strand from the scattered flinders. From the cold

International Women's Day may have passed a few weeks ago and Mother’s Day went by a few days back, but our love and admiration for these empowering humans continues to grow every day. Despite being exhausted from working with no

The following poem is a representation of life and its trials. Moreover, it mimics the expedition of the game ‘Journey’ and the many stages it depicts within. From the open sands to the enclosed plains of blue, life is an

2020 was indeed a little messy. It left the majority of us shattered and in a state of distress – perhaps by dealing with the loss of someone close, or losing your job over the pandemic. While for some, it