Photo credits- Arjun Radeesh From left to right: Dr Kim Henderson, Akanksha, Ms Mariam Abonil, Dr Lynda Hyland, Noura Abouelrous   26th February 2020: Middlesex University Dubai worked alongside an open dialogue platform called The ReSet Dialogue to hold one

Binge eating, overconsumption of sugar, nicotine, spirits and engaging in highly risky behaviour – to term them better, psychologists call this an escapist attitude; an escape from accepting that one needs the right mental health guidance.  So, what stops people Zoe Serras shows us one of her workout routines Schools and gyms are closed; people work from home, and staying active can be difficult. It is easy to fall into a more relaxed and somewhat lazy schedule. The allure to stay

An accelerated life style led by everyone these days, strained between work, family and social relations, leaves no time or space to acknowledge, reflect, and cope with all the changes happening in daily individual lives, which is precisely the reason why promoting awareness and