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The skin is the largest organ of the body and covers the body’s entire external surface. In 2018, the global skincare products market was valued at over $134.8 billion due to the rapid expansion of the global cosmetics industry. Today,

Special thanks to Anusuya Subramanian and Sukayna Kazmi for their support in helping share this story. *** "I will come back home Shabina," were the last words of Inayat Dalla, who left for Tanzania for a two-day business trip. Little did she

Photo credits- Arjun Radeesh From left to right: Dr Kim Henderson, Akanksha, Ms Mariam Abonil, Dr Lynda Hyland, Noura Abouelrous   26th February 2020: Middlesex University Dubai worked alongside an open dialogue platform called The ReSet Dialogue to hold one

Binge eating, overconsumption of sugar, nicotine, spirits and engaging in highly risky behaviour – to term them better, psychologists call this an escapist attitude; an escape from accepting that one needs the right mental health guidance.  So, what stops people