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‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’, a statement which we often use, but it seems like we have set a stubborn criterion in our mind for beauty. If we see someone that does not fit into this criterion,

Figure 1. Anti-abortion protest outside the US Department of Justice. Source: Unsplash. The motto, “liberty, equality, fraternity”, appearing first in the French Revolution of 1787, has formed the current basis for human rights. It brought together legal guarantees of civil liberties and

‘National Author's Day’ - it's a day not known by many. It's a day that celebrates the power of words on readers, at least that's what French philosopher, Michael Foucault said. "Who is an author?" "Authors are creators." I am no author, but just

“At the root of this dilemma is the way we view mental health in this country. Whether an illness affects your heart, your leg or your brain, it’s still an illness, and there should be no distinction."– Michelle Obama In the

The Incongruent is a podcast from media students at Middlesex University Dubai launched during the COVID19 lock-down. Hear the full episode here: SPEAKERS Zainab Ujjaini, Arjun Radeesh and Mina Liccione Zainab  00:03 Welcome back to another fresh episode of Incongruent Plus! We have