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Why is Japan called Japan, when its official name in Japanese is ‘Nippon or Nihon’ (in Japanese: ‘日本’)? In other languages as well, its name varies. ‘Japon’ in French, ‘Giappone’ in Italian, ‘Yaponiya’ in Russian, 일본 (Il-bon) in Korean, and 日本 (Rìběn) in Chinese. All Yara Hamdan documents her journey from Dubai to Paris along with her friends. The city of love The city of lights Historical Artifacts and the Eiffel tower Paris painted a picture so beautiful, rich with its history, food, and wine. Middlesex University Dubai gave us a chance

With summer around the corner, we’ve rounded up the perfect guide for university students on a tight budget-just in time for your summer travels. Kim’s three-countries-in-two-weeks trip and Mehak’s honest travel problems both come with the tips and tricks you