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March 2020 Zoe Serras shows us one of her workout routines Schools and gyms are closed; people work from home, and staying active can be difficult. It is easy to fall into a more relaxed and somewhat lazy schedule. The allure to stay

In conversation with RJ Lokesh Dharmani  When it comes to defining masculinity, Google explains it as “qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men.” Traditionally, men were expected to be protectors, providers and procreators. So naturally, masculine traits included strength, assertiveness, Ayisha Alka, a second-year journalism student, shares what students can do during this time period. Filmed by: Saher Suthriwala So, working at home. For 4 weeks. Maybe longer. Nobody knows as we await updates from the Ministry of Education. According to Yara Hamdan documents her journey from Dubai to Paris along with her friends. The city of love The city of lights Historical Artifacts and the Eiffel tower Paris painted a picture so beautiful, rich with its history, food, and wine. Middlesex University Dubai gave us a chance