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The UAE has made itself a pinnacle of giving, uniting and enriching the livelihood of the people that call it home. Specifically, Middlesex University has consistently emulated the principles conveyed by the UN through the sustainable development goals captured through their rigorous commitment to charitable and social events represented strongly throughout the University through participations in Model United Nations, Youth Festivals, Mental Health Awareness weeks and most notably its Club Impact. All these amazing spectacles are driven by the mind of a great man named His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, ruler of Dubai. His and that of his families humble and powerful emphasis on generosity, equality and respect/traditional values have driven and shaped the very principles of the glamorous city that we call home, Dubai.

The sheer volume of impact has been witnessed and realised through the initiatives successfully placed in the curriculums throughout educational facilities in the UAE grasping the minds and skills of the students, the future generations of the nation! Every corner of the city is bustling, there is always something exciting for everyone to immerse themselves in and with a city so rich, diverse and harmonious there are various events that recognise those that are less privileged and less fortunate.

Most recently the Emirate of Dubai has made its mark in the humanitarian sector and represented the sustainable development goals of zero hunger as well as providing of quality education through an initiative that consoles itself on sustainability, promoting awareness about food wastage among members of the youth whilst encouraging the successful donation of food available in surplus to those less fortunate prior to the Holy month of Ramadan. The purpose of this event is to recognise those that fast during Ramadan but cannot afford a meal during Sahoor in the early morning and then for Iftar to break the fast. It involves representatives from Union Cooperative society in allegiance with the Mr. Yousef Al Obaidli director of Cotopia Community Responsibility Foundation as well as Mr. Suhail Al Bastaki who is the chairman of the centre of Happiness.

Encouragingly Middlesex University has placed itself at the forefront of respecting and providing support for the communities throughout the city, achieving a great fellowship from investors and internationally renowned committees through its avid and fruitful ventures highlighted by events such as Marhaba week, and most influential Club Impact. Through its students’ as well as staff’s commitment it has helped changed, year by year the lives of both its wide board of students as well as residents of the UAE for a brighter tomorrow, today! Dr. Cedwyn Fernandes as the Director of Middlesex University Dubai has helped Middlesex become a foster for philanthropic causes!


  • Andrew Borley
    February 3, 2019

    Amazing Article!

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