Interview with our sport starts

Interviews with our Sports Stars!

Renston Crasto      Favorite Player- Derrick Rose    Nickname-Daddy’s son, Ren, Crasta

How did your love for basketball start?

“To be honest, I wasn’t really a basketball player, I played football at first. Then a friend of mine asked me to try it out, because of my height and to my surprise, skills I never knew I had, started showing up on the court and I realised I could probably make it in the sport.”

What in your opinion has helped you excel the way you have?

“Well, love for basketball! Not to forget the trust and confidence coach Slavko always placed upon me. Even though for most games I barely scored, he still supported me and that was all the encouragement I needed.”

Advice to your fellow MDX sports enthusiasts?
“Never play the game just for the sake of it, set a goal, and try becoming like the player or person who inspired you.”

Mehreen Khan     favorite team- Manchester United      Nickname- Kaptaan, M.K

How did your love for football start?

“I used to be the fastest short distance runner in my school before I started playing basketball and football. When I started, there was no stopping. I was 10 when my love for football began. Where would you find Mehreen? The football field!”

What obstacles have you faced?

“The most obvious one was the question as to why I play a game which is so physical and meant for boys! However, thanks to girls being everywhere and reaching to new levels those questions were shot down, it is a game for everyone!”

What in your opinion has helped you get to where you are? 
“Lots and lots of hard work and dedication. I trained throughout summers, exercising daily and eating only healthy food. And well… Fruits and I are not friends! And as the season started, listening to everything Coach Charlie said. Be it criticism or motivation, lots of help from the Coach with his training helped me get the edge off and then of course teamwork!”

Jessica Hayes     Favorite athletes- Shaunae Miller and Sanya Richards, Nickname-Jess

How did your love for running start?  “Honestly it dates back to kindergarten. I have always been competitive. I would love winning races back then and during high school my love for running became serious, and I guess it has stuck with me until now.”

Would you consider going into the professional world?

“With enough practice, I think anyone could get there. I have considered it, but it isn’t something I see myself doing.”

Advice to your fellow MDX sports enthusiasts?
Join the Middlesex Athletic Team! You don’t have to be good at running to be selected – anyone is welcome to join as they like. The coach and the team will always be there to support whoever has an interest in joining.

Keith Suares        Favorite player- Ivan Zaytsev

What obstacles have you faced? “Well the biggest one I’ve faced is that the high school I went to, wasn’t very supportive when it came to volleyball because we didn’t have a strong team…. But I really love the game, so it encouraged me to improve a lot individually to carry the team forward.”

Would you consider going into the professional world? “I haven’t really thought much about taking volleyball as a profession…. But it’s definitely on my mind!”

Advice to your fellow MDX sports enthusiasts? “The only advice I can give is “There will always be someone better than you at your own game. Just work hard and overthrow the best opponents you know, one at a time.””

Ricardo Gothino   Role model- Usain Bolt   

How did your love for running start? “My dad is a huge fan of track, and that’s where I got my love of track from, I never really got the opportunity to participate in athletics in school because of studies, but MDX has given it to me now.”

What do you think in your opinion has helped you excel? “I believe that my dedication to getting better was definitely a factor. When I first joined the team I was one of the slowest and that made me strive to improve.”

How has being a part of the athletic team benefited you? “Being part of the athletics team has helped me set a structure to my life and taught me a lot about putting in hard work. It also gave me the chance to meet new people and made me more confident”.

Iman Mahmoud   Favorite football club – Barcelona, Nickname-Pineapple

What obstacles have you faced? “Most girls didn’t want to play football, most boys didn’t want girls playing with them not to “hurt them”, and even if they did, they’d take it very easy or just fool around. That’s generalizing, of course, I’m not saying everyone’s like that, but I’ve had my fair share of it. Also, a lot of people have this misconception that it’s very “not feminine” to play football and it’ll “make you look like a boy” when really it’s such a good thing from a health perspective; it keeps you disciplined, and it’s a great form of exercise. Even socially, you can make loads of great friends.”

Would you consider going into the professional world? “I have always wanted to but realistically, it’s a little bit too late for that. I think I’m at a point in my life where I’ll be perfectly happy just playing the sport with like-minded people who share the same love and respect for the game, without the need for it to be at a professional level. That would be more than amazing.”

Do you see yourself playing football 15 years from now? “I definitely see myself with a group of mates, kicking around a football during the weekend. Maybe organizing our Friday/Sunday leagues, keeping ourselves active and competitive.”

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