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Women empowerment

The women’s sports teams at Middlesex University Dubai stands as a bold, cultural stepping stone for the empowerment and encouragement of female participation in sport. The coaches and members of the teams at Middlesex give their full dedication to creating a safe environment for all participants throughout the season. Good sportsmanship is practised across all teams, making newcomers feel welcomed and motivated.

Besides the emotional support, the university awards scholarships to those who excel and represent Middlesex University Dubai in various events throughout the year, keeping the teams motivated to perform well. And it pays off! (Pun?). Over the years, more gold trophies have come home proving that it just gets better and better. The sports award ceremony hosted by Middlesex at the end of the year is the cherry on the top, making the teams reminisce about the great memories and victories the year has brought. It also gives the ladies a chance to dust off their fancy wear, as opposed to the jerseys they’ve been wearing all year.

Each sports team practices twice a week, meaning that all members of the teams get fair play and an equal chance of taking part. Practice sessions serve as a tool to educate and enhance skills. Unlimited access is provided to Middlesex students to use the university’s gym. Plenty of tournaments and leagues take place across the year for all teams, which also gives a chance for everybody to play their part.  

During tense atmospheres; the peak of the sports season, players of other teams are encouraged to watch and support other Middlesex teams participating in competitions, which acts as a great way to feed the morale of the players. Whether met with victories or defeats, this is a great way to show the strong foundation that will always support members of Middlesex sports teams.

Overall, Middlesex does a great job to encourage women’s participation in sports and to motivate the women’s teams, which is what makes them so successful. Being able to play beside teammates you can call family, with coaches you can wholeheartedly depend on is truly empowering, especially when you can see how much each evolves as the years go by, both at a personal and professional level.

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