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Glimpse into the past

Glimpse into the past

Have you ever wondered about the Emirati culture that surrounds you? Has your curiosity spiked and left you thinking about where, when and how Dubai first started trading and flourishing? Did you question the differences between the religion and culture of the country you live in?

All these queries were answered when Middlesex University Dubai gave twenty five students the opportunity to visit the old part of Dubai. During the “Meet the Emirati” trip to Old Dubai, students were able to travel back in time.

Debbie Jaunich, a tour guide from The Arab Culturalist, broke the ice by saying: “Nothing is off limits, nobody’s going to laugh at you, and we won’t tell the CID”, to encourage students to ask questions.

The students learned that the spice market in the UAE used to be a pharmacy where people would get a mix of spices to cure their illnesses. It was also surprising to them that the Gold Souk is home to the heaviest gold ring in the world according to Guinness World Records, weighing 63.856 kg.

The highlight of the trip by some is said to have been the Arab coffee, dates and most importantly Luqaimat, a crunchy sweet dumpling treasured by the Emirati cuisine. Waking up for the 9 am bus on a Saturday was worth it.

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