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Tech Updates: Four Useful Gadgets for Students

Through the course of the three years spent chasing a degree that will quite likely end up a mouse pad, we tend to always turn to our phones, iPads and laptops to assist us throughout the day. However, there are a plethora of added gadgets out there that we can add to our devices or use independently to enhance our daily productivity.

Screen Protectors

It is essential nowadays that as soon as a phone is purchased, a screen protector is applied so that the phone’s pristine surface stays preserved. However, not many may be aware of privacy screen protectors. The dark-coloured dual screen protects your privacy by obstructing the view of your screen from nosy onlookers beside you.

Price: You can usually find them at any mobile store for around 10-20 dirhams, however, if you wish to upscale it, Peek Screen is available on Kickstarter providing premium, scratch-resistant, edge-to-edge privacy for 32$.


Cable Saver Protector

For those of us who have yet to upgrade to wireless charging, fraying cables are a never-ending nightmare. Well, suffer no more, because cable saver protectors are real and contain hard plastic on the outside to stand against damage and soft silicone on the outside to prevent harmful bends and twists, prolonging the usability of your cable. 

Price: You can find these cable saver protectors on Amazon or Souq, for around 15 dirhams.


For those of you out there, with short-term memory or are a part of the disorganised chaos that streams through university hallways, losing things might be a constant reality. So, save yourself the multiple trips to lost and found and invest in Tile, a literal tile, you can attach to anything and connect to your phone. So, that the next time you misplace your wallet, you can find it instead of worrying about someone laughing at your driving license photo (again). 

Price: 30$ for single/100$ for a pack of 4.



By now, you’ve probably heard of anti-theft backpacks, who hasn’t. Every hipster who likens themselves to Snowden has one and will probably let you know they do as well. And while the mean streets of Knowledge Park, don’t exactly require an anti-theft backpack, the article is still a worthy buy as it provides for organised positioning of your devices along with cushioned support and is made of a shockproof and water-repellent material, providing extra protection. So, if you don’t mind spending a couple of hundred dirhams on a backpack, Bobby is a excellent choice that will set you back a cool 100 dollars. 

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