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How To Beat The Heat This Summer

Living in the desert, enduring the intense summers that occur are inescapable. And seeing as summer is officially upon us, this is the time the majority of expats board the plane and head back to see their families or take a trip to a colder climate.

But if you’re staying here this summer, no need to worry as there are plenty of activities that can keep you busy that won’t break the bank either.

Get on the road

Where: Hatta Dam

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t venture out of the city, there are plenty of beautiful places outside of Dubai that you can explore. Hatta is known for its breath-taking views along with an abundance of hidden damns and lakes. And if you think it will be too hot to explore, you may find it cooler up in the mountains.

Catch a movie

Where: All VOX and Novo Cinemas

You can’t beat watching a movie with your friends! It’s great that the best blockbusters usually hit the screens during the summer. And if you’re a du or Etisalat customer, then you can enjoy discounted tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday at any Novo and Vox Cinemas.

Putt with your friends

Where: Bahar Plaza Level, JBR (map)

Why not enjoy the game of golf but without the heat of the sun? Mini-golf is a great way to spend a day with friends and family and what makes it even better is to make it glow in the dark. With illuminated neon backlighting, 3D effects there are some epic visuals to see. For AED 110 at Bahar Plaza Level, JBR, there’s no reason not to check this place out.

Smash out your frustration

Where: 195 Umm Suqeim Street

This is a new one for Dubai, and it’s the most exciting one. Now that the academic year is over this is the perfect way to de-stress. The Smash Room lets you smash out all your anger and frustration in a safe environment. You can enter a room and smash, hit, and throw old furniture, TVs, laptops and mannequins – you can even choose your weapon of choice.

Waterpark Fun

One of the many advantages of living in a sunny climate is that there are plenty of waterparks to choose from to stay cool. And during summer you’ll find most of the waterparks are empty, so as long as you have shoes to protect your feet on the hot ground then fly down some splash rides to cool off.

Look at Dubai through a frame

One of Dubai’s newest attractions, the Dubai Frame is a great way to look over the city and all its magnificent skyline. It offers a 360-degree view of old and new Dubai – you’re allowed to be a tourist in your city.


Where: Grand Millennium, Al Wahda, Abu Dhabi (map)

Hands up if you love the finest meats available, especially when they are served to you on a literal silver platter. Nearly all of you? Good. Because this Brazilian restaurant in Abu Dhabi is one of the top places to venture to if you’re looking to dig your teeth into something meaty. With a wide selection of Lamb, Beef, Chicken and even Chicken heart, there is something for everyone.

The meat is tender, juicy and never ending – once you get your fill all you need to do is flip the sign over on your table to let the server know you’re ready to enter a food-induced coma. Plus, there are plenty of deals on during the week to provide you with all-you-can-eat on a budget.

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