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Embrace Your Culture

All the way from South Korea to the United States of America, Middlesex University Dubai’s International Day celebrated the diverse range of cultures present at our university.

The multi-cultural event held on 7 December 2017, consisted of 34 countries. This was also the first year that South Africa, Ghana and Turkey were on display. Students run the booths dressed in bright and beautiful ethnic wear, they had souvenirs on display and served traditional dishes from their country. This event was open for all to enjoy and even had the Russian Embassy Consul as a special guest. The event was attended by over 3000 visitors.

Dilaxki Anthony performing a traditional Sri Lankan dance

The University’s Music and Dance Club organised cultural dances and various performances. Singers sang delightful songs from different countries. Popular Bhangra group in Dubai, PureBhangra and MonsterCrew dancer, Muzer Mustafa also showcased stunning performances on stage. The Dance Club made sure to include traditional dance forms from various countries, such as Bollywood, Classical, Afro Fusion and many more.

The event highlights the spirit of the UAE and how it welcomes various nations and cultures of the world with open arms.

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