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Serenade the Art

If there’s one thing you should know about the students at Middlesex University Dubai, it’s that they are extremely talented. Artists showcased their creativity on Thursday, February 15th as the evening was devoted to live music, poetry and drama.

Drama Club performing a comedy skit.

From acoustic strings to stronger vocals, the music club brought the ‘Night of the Performing Arts’ to the Residences where students lip-synced the entire night. There was drama, there was comedy and there was poetry, where artists shared their original work, bringing people in with their words, their actions and their flair.

For many performers, especially for those in their first year, this was their prologue and the event was the perfect opportunity to find others with the same budding passion for the performing arts.

As the day wore on and fairy lights switched on, performers standing in front overlooked an audience that kept growing and kept cheering. The audience enjoyed 22 acts that always brought something new to the stage, as the hours passed unknowingly. Where the evening first saw students on beanbags, winding down for the weekend, the night was charged with music, bringing everyone back to dance among the stars.

If Thursday night was anything to go by, it’s obvious that the university and its artists will see many more of these events. It would be a shame if you would miss the next one!

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