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Reading Week: Imagine a Getaway on This Island

Warning: The sole purpose of this article is to tempt you with a beach vacation. We know you’re procrastinating anyway, so you might as well enjoy views from an island in Thailand while you do. Note: Red Beat cannot be held liable for any students who drop out of university and set off on holiday.

With reading week just around the corner, it’s no secret that we all need a break. Uni can be exhausting. I know it’s only been about a month or so, but my statement still stands. Don’t worry, I’ve got sources and references to back it up. So, if uni has taken over your life and you need a getaway just as much as I do, scroll down for the respite you clearly need.

Imagine you’re on an island. Think blue skies with clouds that play with the sun, and the light that touches white sand beaches, lined by palm trees along sea waves for daysssss. If you’re imagining a tropical advertisement, then you’re probably imagining an island that looks like Koh Samui. Here’s some footage for you to live through vicariously. 

Exploring Koh Samui

Introducing Koh Samui, a not-so-little island off the coast of Thailand in the Gulf. As the second-largest island in the country, Samui boasts of both, city life and beach life. With so much to offer, reading week is truly the best time to visit, either figuratively or literally. Fresh out of the rainy season, you won’t have to run from the beach, to strategically twist yourself around a palm tree for cover. And yes, that happens.

While Samui is best known for its beaches (there are 12 good ones), the island is also famous for all the adventures they have up to offer. But if one island isn’t enough to shake off the stress from readings that don’t make sense, assignments that are due soon and classes you still don’t know the module codes to- then consider island hopping! All you need to do is jump into one of the many speedboats available at a beach and jet set to a nearby island.

3 places you can imagine you’re exploring:

Anthong National Marine Park

This archipelago has 42 islands! Okay, so this relaxing thing might be getting out of hand. Instead, get up and get out. We know you’ve probably spent a lot of time hunching over your laptop since uni started, so this is a great way to loosen those muscles and work up a sweat for a good view.

These islands are ideal to discover hidden waterfalls, snorkel, dive, kayak through a cave and hike up a 500-metre trail above sea level for a view that won’t make you regret leaving your bed

Koh Samui

Wat Phra Yai Big Buddha

Feel free to pray for your family, your friends and let’s not forget, most importantly, your grades.

Wat Phra Yai Big Buddha

Chaweng Beach

By far the most popular beach on Koh Samui! We recommend renting a jet ski or a banana boat and zooming away from all your assignments that are fast approaching. Quick! They’re on your tail!!

There you have it, five minutes of complete paradise. Feel free to go through it all again on your next study break. Good luck!


  • Tegosaurus
    November 13, 2019

    Now I really wanna go to the beach ahhhhh!!

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