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Festive Feelings

Video by Arjun Radeesh and Elena Andra Stoica

You could be either one of these two types of people: If you are the first kind, Winter Wonderland would’ve been on your playlist as soon as October 31 came to an end. If you’re the second kind, you were probably just eye-rolling at the first.

But if you wanted to catch the ‘Best Non-Stop Christmas Music’ playlist, then Block 16 and 17 was the place to be on December 9.

For those of you who would’ve resonated with the eye-rollers, Minha Amir, an IFP Business student could relate: “I think the whole bazaar got me into the festive mood — which I wasn’t ready for yet.”

Third-year students, Elena Andra Stoica and Rym Farran get creative with their Christmas look. Image Credits: MDX Shutterbugs

When you think of the holiday season, you probably think of Santa, cookies, and presents, however, the true warmth of the season extends to more than just a cup of steamy hot chocolate and a guy in a faux white beard.

Mariam Farooq, a third-year International Tourism Management student says: “There are a lot of different things I can take from the event, mostly many good memories. However, one physical thing that I can take is the picture I took with my friends at the Shutterbugs (Photography Club) photobooth and got framed. That is something I would actually cherish, and when I look back at it, I’ll remember this day.”

A group of second-year students posing for a picture in the photobooth.
Image Credits: MDX Shutterbugs

Part of the money that was made through the different stall activities went to The Little Wings Foundation which partnered up with Al Jalila Foundation. The Little Wings Foundation helps children get pediatric orthopedic care. Playing a few games of snakes and ladders or delving into the flavors of different Christmas baked goods, was a good way to have fun and raise money for a social cause. Some students would even stop by and give money to the stalls without expecting anything in return.

It’s a good time to take a step back and look around at the world around us. Remember those who are in need, those who are struggling, and those whom we love and cherish the most.

Safa Munafer, the owner of Le Inka, had set up a temporary tattoo stall at the Bazaar. Permanent tattoos are not considered to be accepted in many religions, and the fact that this tattoo service was halal, excited many of the students. Not only was it pain-free, but it was also organic and animal cruelty-free! Safa says that: “LeInka stands for breaking tattoo barriers, including health, cultural and religious limitations”. Many students rushed to get their designs and the stall was constantly packed throughout the day.

LeInka’s stall with halal tattoos attracted large crowds of students throughout the day. Image Credits: MDX Shutterbugs

This year, the Festive Bazaar was more than just an event. Behind the seemingly tireless tattoo artist was a hard-working mother. Behind the colourful Kashmiri stall was a hand that sewed each thread on a sweater. Behind the confectionery stall was a band of rushed Culinary Club members, mixing chocolate into a bowl the night before.

The month of December can easily fly past with all of us being so busy trying to be everywhere at once and taking advantage of every sale possible. Despite the holiday hustle and bustle, don’t forget to stop, smell the fresh scent of rain, and spend some time basking in the warmth of the festivities.  

Be it watching re-runs of old Christmas movies with the family, catching a whiff of a freshly baked batch of cookies, or walking around in a faux white beard, be sure to not miss out on those precious, festive feelings!

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