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Staying active at home – made easy

Zoe Serras shows us one of her workout routines

Schools and gyms are closed; people work from home, and staying active can be difficult. It is easy to fall into a more relaxed and somewhat lazy schedule. The allure to stay in bed, watch Netflix and snack all day can be very tempting to many people. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which can include doing short at-home workouts every day. The workouts involve no equipment and are a fun activity during the day. I started my fitness account on Instagram (@zoesfit98) around a year ago to make sure that I am accountable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The account was a source of self-motivation I wanted to be active and inspire others to keep active too. I felt that if I were to slack off that I would have ‘disappointed’ the account and the people who follow it.

The majority of my workouts take place in a gym, regardless of whether I’ll be doing cardio or training with weights. When I first found out gyms were closed I panicked about how I would manage to stay as active. For a short moment, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to exercise until the gyms reopened. However, many people globally exercise in the comfort of their homes and that it is very possible to maintain an active lifestyle. I grabbed a mat and completed a 20-minute full-body workout. The exercises are short, perfect for all levels of fitness and leave a burn that will want all craving more the next day. For those looking for a workout to do at home, I have created a fun short full-body workout that is available for all levels of fitness. My Instagram account is a source for motivation, workouts, meal ideas and advice.

Whether you are in search for a full body workout or looking to train a specific area, home workouts cater to all preferences and levels. For more videos and nutritional tips head on over to my Instagram (@zoesfit98) for some fun content! My next workout routine will be uploaded on the 25th of March and it will consist of an at home arm workout. Get ready to see me lift the most random of things as a replacement to gym equipment. Also, for those looking to use weights but don’t have gym equipment you can opt for the most random items at home such as bottles of water or even bags of rice!

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