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World Poetry Day – Pieces on Hope

21st March 2020: On the occasion of World Poetry Day, two Middlesex University students shared their poetry.

Video Credits: Ayisha Alka

Part 1

I have always had a strong interest in creative writing and always excelled in English Language and Literature with History as a close passion.  World Poetry Day is a unique day of the year that allows individuals to showcase their talent and sometimes break out of the shadows — always a day that gives rise to new and wonderful ideas. My passion started in high school and ever since then, I’ve been an avid writer of poems and short stories, with sketching being another one of my favourite hobbies. Being a member of the Poetry Club and a co-coordinator, I work to inspire others to get their creative spirit out no matter their skill level because my philosophy is: ‘’If you never do something, you’ll never know!’’

World Poetry Day lets you be who you want to be and that’s perfectly ok, writing is, after all, an art form!

The theme behind my rap was an all-inspired hope message to get through tough times as everybody needs a little motivation in their life. It is related to the current situation and offers a hand of support to anyone who doesn’t have it at this time. It is written from my mind to the world, symbolising togetherness and resilience. I wanted to keep it simple and name it Hope, in order to resonate an emotional experience/mindset that we all need to be aware of and make our compatriot in the channel of life that can take so many unexpected turns and routes. I wanted the poem to sing peace, positivity and confidence, letting people know that they’re not alone. It’s never too late to lend a helping hand!

It is written in such a way that the words break out of the page and maybe something you can relate to. Essentially songs or raps always have a hidden meaning but with my rap, the message is clear and acts as a reminder for individuals on how to be better in simple changes. It is written like a conversation between two good friends or family members having a friendly chat about the world, offering their opinions. It then leaves us in suspense on how it may end or what may happen next, just like Avengers Infinity War or AMC’s The Walking Dead did. I want my work to instil innovation, responsibility and gratitude in every artist out there and I hope they can use the concepts in my work towards forging a better future for all!

Image Credits:

The Hope Rap by Richardt Schoonraad

Rich Rich here, start something new and fight against all odds

Fighting for everything you have, guess that’s what hope means,

Seeing what’s good and bad that’s up to you connecting the pieces to form one big picture.

You need to live the way you deserve, and life can be so many things no matter how far you came it don’t matter if you believed people would someday hear your name.

Reflect on your past ways and they will lead you to different paths, uncharted adventures, time is of the essence so let’s start deciding to do what we need cause everybody got their own creed gotta try

to reach that fire so take hold of your desire and follow the messages you see and start your green tree.

If things seem bad, then don’t be sad just build yourself further be a life learner 

and never get discouraged by the weight on your shoulders just think I can always move these boulders.

If you can move others by

what you do then hope is enriched in more than just a symbol or word.

Part 2

World Poetry Day is a day where we all can celebrate the art and beauty of how people can express their thoughts and feelings through writing poetry. I always thought I had to rhyme in my poems, which I struggle with immensely. I never knew there were different styles of poetry writing; the one that I found suitable to me was free verse. It gave me the freedom to write the emotions I felt without restrictions. I just want to show people my perspective in my own way about certain situations. I was glad to take part in World Poetry Day to show my appreciation for the art of poetry.

I know I am supposed to have a theme but I didn’t have one — until I got a message that the theme is hope/perseverance. So, when I looked at my poem, I was like, ‘Yeah, I think my poem is kind of going in that direction.’ My piece is called, Burdened. It was inspired by a character who valued his honour and dreams of becoming a hero. He stayed true to his intentions, even died at the hands of the people who gave him that dream. In the end, he passed on his legacy to his friend that they should live their dreams and value their honor regardless of what people say.

I was moved by how strong this character was while pushing through the end. Finally, the scene showed flowers blooming where his resting place was. That is why I mentioned the flowers blooming once more because the character had begun his journey there by passing over his legacy to his friend. I wanted to portray the character’s story through poetry, the way he felt as he passed over and how he shared his value of dreams and honour to his friend as his friend carries a part of him in his own journey. Even when I was working on the poem, I listened to a soundtrack that helped me write the parts where the character is going through conflict within himself. The meaning of my piece is that even when we have to achieve our dreams, we have to push and struggle with our responsibilities and burdens. Thus, the end results will be fruitful, as you will succeed because there is always hope at the end of the tunnel.

Image Credits:

Burdened by Faareha Salman

My burden.
My responsibility.
My honour.
Deep within me, I’m confused.
Deep within me, I’m conflicted.
Why am I here?
Where do I go?
What must I do to lift this weight off my shoulders?
Truth be told,
I do not know.
This burden,
What burden?
I feel so light like I’m floating in the sky.
Why do I feel so free?
Where am I going?
What have I accomplished in the world below?
None of that matters now.
The burden that I shoulder…
is gone.
Gone with the wind,
that caressed my soul.
As I bloom again,
in this world once more…


  • Shyma
    June 17, 2020

    Beautifully written!!

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