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A Better Tomorrow

Video Credits: @luxuryplaceslove via Instagram

I came across this video on Instagram and I found it beautiful. Something began to build in my head, thought after thought. Could this be our tomorrow that we anticipate?


We are living in chaotic times with no knowledge of what tomorrow may bring. Every day something happens or someone we know passes away. And it pains us. It really does. We are fearful, we don’t know what to expect and we are tired, of all of this — of all the deaths, the on-going oppression, the widespread disease, the suffering, the poverty, everything. We are tired. However, there is one thing that can save us. One thing that keeps us optimistic. One thing that will help us in being patient and going on with life.

And that one thing is hope.


This piece of poetry aims to remind readers that a better tomorrow is coming and we will hopefully live to see it. It also reminds one of how life and death is a cycle, something that we need to accept and move ahead with — keeping in mind that one day we will reunite with our loved ones. One day.


When all the bombs will stop and the dust will begin to settle,

We will realize how far we have come and will try to make our hearts fettle

We will slowly come out of our homes, holding on to each other

Wished farewell to those we loved, a friend, a relative, sister or a brother

The land where we would once walk with those who are now long gone

We never expected all this to happen, not the life picture we had drawn

Death, disease, oppression, poverty, pain, the list can go on

Patience through the struggles has brought us here, pleasant times forgone

As the few remaining step out, we begin to see something remarkable
between the smoke clearing out and the broken structures around,

A rainbow of hope could be seen through, the sun settling down

Breaking through the pink and blue sky, the sign of a new life

Frozen by the sight as if it had suddenly removed all the world’s strife

Encompassed by the light, two grab their cycles and move towards it

It brought back the old times, seeing the youth cycle away in a split

Be patient, the ones before us said, you will one day see a day

When the bombs will stop, the dust will settle, and peace will come your way

We will be long gone, do send prayers and remember us on the day of bliss

The sun will shine once again, bringing hope, beginning with this

Live and continue to live with God in mind,

Good will return, to one another, always be kind

People come and go, and life must go on, that’s fate

Until we reunite on the other aside, with open arms,

we await,

we await.

– Sukayna Kazmi


  • Rimsha Fathima
    June 24, 2020

    Love this poem!

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