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The Online Shift

The lockdown period was supposed to last for a duration of only four weeks. Little did we know that the global pandemic was going to change the summer of ’20 to a great degree.

The year started with the students safe at home, undergoing distance learning to reduce the coronavirus risk. Despite the difficult conditions that the virus had brought forth, Middlesex University Dubai has proved to every student, faculty member, and parent that no adversity can hinder a student’s university experience by springing back into action with its events and academics on September 20, 2020.

However, the pandemic did bring about a few changes. The ‘Week of Welcome’ completely shifted online onto the Zoom platform, just as all events will throughout this academic year. The virtual event consisted of workshops for music, dance and sports, competitions, and quizzes held by various clubs in order to bring forward an interactive environment for the new and the returning students. 

Image depicts a virtual ‘Week of Welcome’ banner designed by the students of Middlesex University Dubai

The week of welcome went on from September 20 to 25, with each day being hosted by two different club coordinators. The afternoons had an average of 60 participants every day.

A screengrab depicts over 100 participants at Middlesex University Dubai’s virtual ‘Week of Welcome’ on September 21, 2020.

The university has always provided rich experiences to its students through sports and cultural bodies. To name some of the university clubs:

  • Club Impact
  • Public Eye MDX
  • MDX poetry club
  • MDX culinary Club
  • Club Fearless
  • MDX Dance Club
  • MDX Music Club
  • The Events club
  • MDX Tourism Club
  • Book Club MDX
  • MDX anime club
  • Club Ink
  • MDX Art Club
  • MDX Drama Club
  • MDX Shutterbugs Photography Club
  • MDX Gaming club
  • MDX Sports team

With the development in technology and software, most of the clubs made thorough use of online quizzes and games such as Kahoot and Hangman to send across a message about themselves and as team-building exercises.

Screen grab depicts the front page of interactive online game, Kahoot.

These virtual events also included a little bit of physical activity to kick start the day. Some included stretch exercises conducted by Coach Sasa Obradovic and a virtual live dance workshop by the dance club coordinators. Along with physical activity, competitions were held by the poetry club, photography club, and club ink to encourage students to partake in university events. Apart from all the fun and games, there were words of invaluable advice given by the Middlesex Alumni and club fearless on how to fit in with the university’s schedules and activities despite the new circumstances.

There have been milestones achieved by each one of these clubs solely due to the support and motivation provided by the Student Activities Department. For example, the MDX Drama Club released their very first short movie based on how Middlesex University Dubai functions during the unprecedented times we live in.

Screengrab from a short film produced by the Middlesex University Dubai’s Drama Club

Want to watch the video? Click on this link:

Public Eye, another university club, also published their official release video involving past and present members, whilst keeping in mind social distancing regulations. Although things may be different this year, every club aims to make the most out of current-day technology, bringing everyone together on a screen. 

Public Eye’s official video for the academic year 2020-2021

The university has reflected exactly what it has been all these years – a strong community with all the right skills for team spirit, effective communication and organization. 

That is what makes Middlesex University Dubai so special, especially during times like these.

They give importance to all the right things, needs and wants.

And most importantly, they make the best of what they have.

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