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TV shows that will carry you straight to a distinction

With the onset of this new semester, it’s no surprise that sometimes life can put you on fast forward when all that’s necessary is play. Under all the academic work and assignments, it’s easy to lose track of giving yourself some space, which is essential for your physical and mental health. We often categorise breaks as unnecessary or a waste of time when in practice, it contributes to better productivity and reduces how overwhelming tasks can be.

Taking a pause has benefits, helping you refocus your attention and giving your brain a restart, all of which can help you stay at the top of your assignments. The definition of a break is open to your interpretation, which means you can define what an interval means to you. For some, it can be an intense game of Among Us, maybe a little sticky note drawing, baking a round of brownies, or just the classic little bit of Netflix to unwind. 

A pro tip I’ve found motivating is rewarding myself with short episodes as a break for finishing my tasks. Here’s a rundown of five TV shows that you can use to reward yourself too.

Modern Family 

Seasons: 11

This family sitcom shows the Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett family lives as they navigate their way through life, kids, and their jobs in the most wholesome and hilarious situations.

This show deserves the top of the list because it has left viewers with glee, lessons, and tears and has made them feel a part of the whole family, which can be a rare experience for some. Their consistent script has resulted in not a single bad episode produced. Watching their entire journey and growing with them is undoubtedly an experience that would leave anyone in joyful tears.

Poster of the hit-show, Modern Family. Photo credits:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Seasons: 7

A police comedy series that follows Captain Raymond Holt and his team of detectives as they humorously solve crimes and maintain justice in the New York Police Department’s 99th Precinct.

This show exceeds expectations in terms of a police comedy sitcom in every way; from the main character Jake’s charming personality to the entertaining plots embedded in each episode, there’s not a moment of laughter you’ll miss. The show also sheds light on real-life situations while tackling them in light-hearted ways.

Poster for the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine .Photo credits:

The Good Place

Seasons: 4

A fantasy comedy centred around Eleanor, who finds herself in heaven after leading a morally corrupt life. To stay there, she hides her past and identity in a series of ethical situations.

This show is a guaranteed moral compass aligner and has a lesson for absolutely everyone with its ability to allow its messages to be perceived differently. A light-hearted series with a lovely set of characters; each of them offering a fresh essence. 

Poster for the drama comedy series, The Good Place. Photo credits: The Guardian


Seasons: 3

This comedy-drama finds Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, ready to embark on his romance journey. Sam’s path sends his mother Elsa on her journey and the rest of his family, including his father Doug, as he understands his son better and his sister Cassie who is in the progress of finding herself. Together they’re on this journey with Sam as he finds his new “normal”.     

Photo credits: Netflix

Never Have I Ever

Seasons: 1

A coming-of-age comedy-drama following the life of a fifteen-year-old Devi recovering from a traumatic incident, as she attempts to climb up her social status but her friends, foes and family seem to have plans of their own for her.                                      

This short tale emphasises accepting yourself for who you are and not striving for a socially accepted perception. The whole journey of being a teenager struggling to find who you are can be challenging, and this show is precisely that. From all the mistakes Devi makes to how she grows, there’s a thing or two to pick up for everyone.

Poster for the coming-of-age movie, Never Have I Ever. Photo credits: Netflix

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