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Entrepreneur and Fashion Icon: Mohak Chauhan

Mohak Chauhan – a name that will soon be widely recognized in the fashion industry, has recently turned into a brand. From launching a fashion label to designing for a Hollywood star to having his design worn by Miss Amazigh Morroco, Mohak Chauhan’s ambitions and achievements are dressed to the nines.

Asma Sarh, who won the title of Miss Amazigh Morocco in 2014, is a model and lifestyle influencer based in Dubai. Sarh recently wore a stunning v-neck, embroidered black dress from the Mohak Chauhan collection. The elegant gown which is flared with a triple-layered fabric succeeded in dazzling and capturing the hearts of her 28,700 followers on Instagram.

Sarh enchantingly pulled off the dress with her gorgeous platinum blonde hair and a splendid silver crown. Her pictures truly enlivened the awe-inspiring motto of the Mohak Chauhan label: ‘Where Royalty Meets Excellence’. 

The Indian designer recently launched his namesake fashion label, and his alluring dresses are available for sale online: His clothes are tailored for men and women, and he keeps a close eye on ensuring sustainability in all his works. Currently in the second year of his undergraduate degree in BA Fashion Design, he always had a vision of designing luxury royal clothing with a prominent focus on heritage and authenticity.

Mohak Chauhan believes that he was tailored to be a fashionista, as “fashion has always flowed within him”. During his childhood, his mother encouraged him to partake in related fields, including modelling and makeup. Eventually, all roads guided him to follow his talent and passion, which he concludes has led him to his real purpose.

Chauhan strongly aspires to bring about change in commonplace perceptions and concepts and works towards sustainable and ethical fashion practices. He enhanced his early experiences by designing for various brands and showcasing his designs on runways and fashion shows he organized himself. In 2019, he was awarded the ‘Best Designer’ at Runway Dubai and consequently had his dress worn by Hollywood actress and singer, Serena Laurel. 

Being a part of the Middlesex family allowed him to fully express and hone his various skills and talents. Chauhan says that the faculty’s generous and unfailing support made him grow confident enough to arduously pursue his dreams. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to all the faculty that patiently guided him towards the right road. Exploring new techniques in his degree motivated him to be more creative and ambitious, and played a vital role in enhancing his entrepreneurial skills. He says: “I feel as if I don’t design clothes, I design my dreams.”

Image credits: Umar Qadeer and Rana Hanzla

Chauhan’s future goals include bringing about a revolutionary change in the fashion industry with his namesake label. He wishes for structural and systematic improvement for his vision to successfully conserve and restore the planet. He aims for his enterprise to be a great source of joy to his clients and a platform for recognizing and allowing emerging talents to express their creativity. The Indian Designer intends to contribute to the industry worldwide and eminently establish his brand in the coming years.

He firmly believes that when an individual works on ideas he/she genuinely cares about, they are more likely to be working hard enough to succeed. The key, he opines, is to live in the moment and focus on doing the best one can today. 

Image credits: Umar Qadeer and Rana Hanzla 

To all the budding fashion designers out there, Mohak Chauhan says: “Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently”.


  • Majida Madani
    November 11, 2020

    Very well essayed. Proud of you.

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