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World Kindness Day: Poems

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain.

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In this fast-paced world, we often forget to acknowledge the essential element of humanity – kindness. The word meaning ranging from loving oneself to caring for others. Specially, during this tough time of pandemic, what we long for is positivity and affirmation from deep within ourselves and from others. Life has its way with victories and struggles, but it is astonishing how only few kind words of encouragement, or an act of being there for a person can change someone’s day or sometimes, even their whole perspective on life. As World Kindness Day approaches, here are some eye-opening messages in the form of poetry by Psychology students – Angelina Gonsalves and Shahza Kongath.


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In this pandemic time, an advice to mankind
don’t be cruel, be kind
to every little thing that lives
or is left isolated behind.

Kindness is to love & to give, 
a time to forget & forgive.
A loving look, a caring touch, 
a warm hug that means so much.

When the world is in pain
unsure of meeting again, 
everyone facing struggles, 
unaware of another’s battles.

One kind word, one kind deed
broken hearts, deep wounds can heal.
One little act of kindness, 
can create a world of happiness, 
can turn a life around, 
in a world that’s upside down!

– Angelina Gonsalves


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Life has not been kind,

and I know 

looking for the brighter side 

is easier said than done.

And I also know,

that sometimes you think

your best is not enough. 

But I’ll tell you the truth

that no one has ever told you…

You are kind,

and you are enough.


life tends to forget.

So, from this moment,

I’ll tell you that

you’re okay.

I’ll tell you that,

this won’t be like the other times.

And I will treasure 

all the tears,

and all the aches

that’s left of you.

Cause darling,

I want to make you stay.

And I promise,

life will apologise.

– Shahza Kongath

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