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Poetry: Familiarity

The Poetry Club hosted their monthly writing competition on the theme ‘Familiarity’ and here are the winning entries for the month of October.

Congratulations to 2nd year BA Early Childhood Studies student Faareha Salman for attaining first place among 10 other contestants with her written piece titled “Your Embrace”.

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A cold day brews by, as I sit by the bench,

Old memories flood in.

My heart clenches,

As I grin.

Your smell,

Bounded by the bench.

Your lovely words had a spell,

As you said your last farewell.

Longing for your embrace,

Staring at the distance.

Hoping to meet, face to face,

Remembering your existence.

Deep down, I know.

As my tears overflow,

At the very thought of you.

Knowing you are gone, is untrue.

Aryan Dhanak, 1st year BA Honours Business Management student, stole 1st place (and our hearts) with his open mic entry titled “Kabhi toh dil ko dil se mila kar dekho”.

Photo credits: Unsplash

Kabhi Toh Dil Se Dil Ko Mila Kar Dekho

Yunn toh aksar log bahri khubsurti se parichit hote hai, kabhi dil se dil ko 

mila k toh dekho, kisse pata dono aadhe dil ek dusre ke liye he bane ho… 

Kabhi toh dil se dil ko mila kar dekho… 

Khubsurti dekh keh bethte hai ek dusre ko jan chuke hai, kabhi to ankho se

ankhe mila kar ek dusre ko pehchano… 

Kabhi toh dil se dil mila kar dekho… 

Yunn toh kehte ho raato ki neend churai bethe ho, kabhi to keh diya karo ke raaton ki rani banai saaja k betha hun… 

Kabhi toh dil se dil mila kar dekho…


People are often familiar with external beauty, ever mix heart to heart and

see, who knows if both of them are half-hearted and are made for each other… 

At times mix both the hearts and see… 

Seeing the beauty they said they know each other, at times make an eye contact and try recognising it… 

At times mix both the hearts and see… 

Usually you say you stole the nights of my sleep, at times even say that I was the queen of your nights… 

At times mix both the hearts and see…

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