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Journey – Poetry

The following poem is a representation of life and its trials. Moreover, it mimics the expedition of the game ‘Journey’ and the many stages it depicts within. From the open sands to the enclosed plains of blue, life is an adventure. It’s a different experience with each passing day, and each phase of life.

Image Credits: YouTube Channel – IAmSp00n, CVG. A still from Thatgamecompany published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

I am silent

My mind viciously violet

From a tyrant

I’m trying to escape like the migrant.

Hidden without speech

Not a word or a sigh

The light calls quietly from the beach

The temptation is all but a lie.

A ploy or a trick to breach open inside

Hiding away from the blue lights behind

Chasing me now is the quickening of time

Don’t let me fall into the sands of design.

Falling beneath and sinking now faster

Calling you out is my blind broken laughter

Shielding you now is the deafness behind

Try not to think of the sounds left resigned.

Sounds you can’t hear

– Quick, the sands taking shape

They try to appear

– But now it’s too late.

Too late it is now to bathe in the light

The blue washes over,

The light starts to hide

Hide now you will, but rise up you must

Rise in the end with the cloth that moves forward

Fly you will now with the rhymes that grew louder

Rhymes that grew faster, rhymes that change time

The tunes in the sand that help start your climb.

– Anirudh Krishnan

BSc. Psychology with HR management

Instagram: @greybeard_poetry

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