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A March to Queendom

International Women’s Day may have passed a few weeks ago and Mother’s Day went by a few days back, but our love and admiration for these empowering humans continues to grow every day. Despite being exhausted from working with no breaks and inspiring everyone with their impactful steps, these resolute creations of God never complain, be it an ant bite or period cramps, they bear it all. And they deserve more than just a day of respect and prestige.

In celebration of the month of March, where we dedicate several days to women, here are few poems written by our students honoring these humans who go through death to bring life into this world.

Title: She, the Pheonix

Image credits: Unsplash


She is lit in a fire, consumed by her inner demons,

 but yet she is powerful,

She knows how to inspire and empower others.

She has pain, heartache, and sadness,

But yet she does not show it.

She is a wildfire.

She is self-destructing but yet she is blooming. 

She masters the demons inside her,

Acknowledges them and fights Lilith,

Paving the way to her catharsis.

She breathes in and out, 

The road has been long and tiring,

 She has reborn from her ashes,

Her soul has ignited.

Her sparks penetrate through her soul.

She, the phoenix.

– Lydia Vourlidi

LLB Law, Year 1

Title: Warrior Queens

Image credits: Unsplash

To you

The ones who I truly admire

You kept the energy going

Even when you were extremely tired

For even when you felt so immensely numb

And energy so little to even lift a thumb

You kept going and never succumbed

Strong and resilient you have now become

A regular routine of pains

That coursed all through your veins

It’s not a feat so easily gained

To battle it forever and still be so sane

A shared kind of battle

Something that would surely leave all enemies rattled

For when you conquer something as such

It leaves everyone startled

Your strength always remains

Even when fighting this bane

For the energy you’ve retained

Taught yourself to smile through the pain

How do you achieve a task so insane?

I know to ask is seemingly inane

But then again you refuse all these canes

You choose to stand on your own like a crane

Then again

It’s alright to feel the need to cry

It’s alright to feel the need to not try

It’s alright to not always have to smile

It’s alright to not always walk for miles

Go ahead queens

Lie down and cry

Go ahead queens

Don’t feel the need to explain why

Come back whenever

And we’ll still always be here

To wipe away your tears

And comfort you for years

(You deserve to be pampered)

–Anirudh Krishnan

BSc. Psychology with HR, Year 1

Title: She was a woman

Image credits: Unsplash

She was ordered not to cry,
she was trained to be strong,
she was warned to keep her innocence safe,
she was advised to always smile,
she was to inspire and walk further.
She was a woman. 

She let the world dwell on her,
wearing her out, running back and forth,
leaving behind flames with her tears,
but never once did she ask for help.
She was a woman. 

Messy hair on top
where once, an invisible crown sat,
withered clothes wrapped around her,
where once the luxurious robes were placed,
but never once did she demand them back.
She was a woman. 

Anyone seeing the awful state she was in,
the terrible cries she uttered,
their eyes would’ve burned with hot tears,
unless they were cold and heartless.
She was a woman. 

And the flowers grew remorse for her health,
the mountains withered for her safety,
the stars cried for her shape,
the moon hid her in its crevices,
and the sun burned for her revenge.
She was a woman. 

She reminded herself to be her own superhero,
because she had no superhero.
She was a woman,
and she was her own
knight in shining armour.

– Rimsha Fathima

BSc. Psychology with Counselling Skills, Year 2

Title: Strong Girl

Image credits: Unsplash

This goes out to all the girls I’ve come across

This goes out to the strongest girls I’ve ever seen

This goes out to me

For being inspired by strength and independence.

To the girls who leave a deaf ear to those who criticize with no good intentions

The girls whose hearts are made of stone

Ambitions made of metal

And dreams as stubborn as the adversities they’ve faced

This goes out to the girls who make it happen

This goes out to the girls whose scars made them who they are today

This goes out to the girls stand back up

Stand back up after falling

Stand back up after sobbing

Stand back up with all they have

This goes out to the girls who made it out

This goes out to the girls who’ve tasted loneliness

This goes out to the girls who’ve rebuilt themselves

This goes out to the girls who’ve changed with pain

This goes out to the girls who are still kind

This goes out to the girls whose spirits run free

Free and wild as their hair dances in the wind.

This goes out to the girls of strength

This goes out to the girls inspired by the strength

This goes out to the girls who know they can be stronger

This goes out to you,

Strong girl

–Anusuya Subramanian

BSc. Psychology with Counselling Skills, Year 3

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