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MDX Redbeat

Love in the time of COVID (Poetry)

You came up to me with your sparkling eyes

While I was taking a picture of the blue skies 

I couldn’t hear you with that mask

I kept my phone in my yellow fanny pack 

You bashfully told me that it was me who you like

But honestly, you were not my type

I did not know how to turn your confession down 

I jokingly told you, “Sorry”

 Like a sloppy red clown 

I don’t know what came to me that day

I told you that we had to be 2 metres away 

You took 3 steps back

This incident came to me in a flashback 

Paranoid of others sneezing

The numbers are increasing 

When 12 months ago,

we didn’t have trouble breathing 

I told myself I wouldn’t think of you

But now 8 months flew 

And I didn’t catch up with you 

I applied to a new school

I won’t be able see you 

It’s Christmas, trying to find its meaning 

Everyone was busy cleaning 

Looking through my high school memories

 A note fell from my notebook

A folded paper that wrote 

And I am going to quote the following in parentheses

“Read when you feel lonely”

You knew I would reject you

If only I could withdraw what was said

In the past I did not know

Now I write this poem to you

In the hopes it would reach you too

You will always be in my memory through and through

-Fidelia Ynez Bautista

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