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A Cup of Tea – Poetry

Coffee and Tea – could be a light dose of happiness for some people, but for some, their daily routines cannot go by smoothly without a fresh cup of brewed coffee or milk tea. The poet of the month competition, held by Poetry Club, saw February’s theme as ‘Coffee/Tea’.

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Congratulations to Ananya Shetty, a BSc. Psychology student for winning February’s competition with her poetry piece titled ‘A Cup of Tea’.

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Different types of tea powder.

It’s a dark room

With little light from the lamp

The moon and the stars silently looking in through the window

Observers to my being

For some days now, the time

Has rushed by

Never seeming to wait for me

While everyone runs along

I feel left behind

A burden to their company

Not heavy

But light

As a feather

Easy to leave

Easy to be forgotten

Like a dry leaf on the ground

On a winter’s eve

I wonder what now

I wonder what next

When a cold breeze

Lifts me across the street

And out into the sky

Towards my observers

Who saw my woe

But never batted an eye

And I ask them

Is this all I am,

I get no answer

But a gentle push

Towards the open window

I wonder – great, they don’t want me too

Silently resigned, I fall into a cup of tea

And like water rushing into a pond

Warmth suddenly fills me

Into the arms of Hestia

I feel my essence drain

My cold and distant journey

Out from the realm of thoughts

On their feet again

With one cup of tea

The room is still dark

The light still dim

And the moons and stars still look upon

For even though the time has not stopped

And the company still far away

Sip by sip

I stand on my feet

Feeling a little stronger

With my cup of tea.

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A refreshing cup of tea or brewed coffee has the power to change a person’s perspective and mood. While there are on-going disputes and debates on which is better or more harmful than the other, we can all agree that just the correct dose of coffee and/or tea can suffice for a good day and delightful memories.

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