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MDX Redbeat

The Stranger

Too strange a stranger felt

Far beyond the touch of his world

For everything seemed stranger than he compelled

A stark parallel better than worse.

Too strange everything seemed, yet

At the street of his infancy

The only nostalgia that seems to hit

Was the reminder of his peculiarity.

Ever as a child he felt far far beyond anyone’s reach

Despite the shared common tongue

His words seem too queer to preach.

Days gone by and again no scent hit

His nose. 

No sign of familiarity.

Too strange a stranger felt,

At his hometown. 

His sovereignty.

Too odd to even level with their heads,

Of other’s mentality.

Yet where oh where was he ever from?

Who taught and nurtured his loyalties?

The thought that puzzled -mazed their caskets

Over the source of his peculiarity.

They itched over a puzzle, yet never

Were able to detach the pieces of his personality.

As guessed by one wise man,

Who told the rest:

‘’A gift, a burden! 

The stranger will remain strange,

Surrounded by his own sense of reality.’’


  • Nadifa
    December 2, 2021

    Me gusta mucho esta poesía.

  • Bulahi
    December 2, 2021

    Wow it’s great to read

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