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MDX Redbeat

The Candlewick

The clock wouldn’t stop, nor was it to slow down, the sun merciless with orange.

I Savour the Burn of the arid days.

The bleeding sunsets and calm waves, all whispering over and over.

Like a broken carousel around and around once again.

The day was done and the daydreams kept gushing.  

Figure 1. Time is but a fleeting illusion. Image credits: Unsplash.

Smoke and abrupt laughs my dawn was Blue, Blue, Blue.

The candlewick draws closer and closer the wax gapes, humbled by the faint fire.

The joke of life burning steady, a lifetime of waiting and nothing to live for.

A dove on my window sill bleeding under the sun. 

Figure 2. A faint candle light has an undeniable, unique allure.Image credits: Unsplash.

The pure white of it all was so innocent.

It bled drop by drop as the candle burned on.

 It was a tragic Friday.

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