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Where diverse meets delicious – Masti

Are you craving some authentic Indian food?

At Masti, an award-winning cocktail bar and restaurant located at La Mer, Dubai, fusion meets authenticity, bringing Indian flavours to the table. It is well recognised for the increasingly absorbing culture and diversity of its Indian food. The award-winning restaurant at La Mer is upping the ante at the restaurant business, ranking up the competition.

Pulled tandoori chicken bao. Image Credits: Masti Dubai via Facebook

Foods such as edamame chaat, sag paneer lasagne, and not your average chicken tikka are a few notable dishes on their exciting menu. Their kitchen has various cooking stations, with very intricate décor and hygienically maintained areas.

Ever heard of green apples with lamb chops? Well, Masti offers quite a few surreal sweet meat combinations guaranteed to tantalise your tastebuds.

Serving their ‘seriously good lamb chops’. Image Credits: Masti Dubai via Instagram

Masti’s interiors have a quirky ambience that exemplifies India’s true heritage. A modern domestic touch creates a very subtle balance between the both, presenting a serene image to your eyes. Their popularity stems from their valued customers to the various weekly events held at the location ranging from the fun and mischievous Ladies Night, to Elephant Bath Bunch offers, and Masti Hour for you to fanaticise over the refreshing beverages they offer.

Beverages served during brunches. Image Credits: Masti Dubai via Facebook

The restaurant provides you with a comprehensive arrangement of signature beverages that you simply can’t refuse, from freshly squeezed juices to fancy infusion drinks, all under one roof!

Enjoy the rich, classic, sweet and tangy, vivid flavours only at Masti!

New Year’s Eve celebration with Masti. Image Credits: Masti Dubai via Facebook

Where: La Mer, Dubai

Best dishes: beef ribs, delicious lamb chops, smoked salmon khakhra.

For more information about their events, click here.


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