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Festive Bazaar

Christmas is an annual holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, which is held principally on 25 December as a religious and cultural celebration by billions of people worldwide. Our university and its remarkably talented students put up a fabulous Festive Bazaar on 14 December for everyone to enjoy! Everyone was encouraged to wear Christmassy outfits, and ugly Christmas sweaters were highly appreciated. Hence, many students were all decked up in Christmas sweaters and accessories.

There were games, a photo booth, performances, and cheery volunteers. Each club set up stalls with games, activities, and prizes to win. I visited every one of those stalls and relished them thoroughly!

The Art Club was very innovative with its activity, which included a thrilling combination of fun and challenge, which I found quite amusing. Their activity was to draw a snowman blindfolded, with a time limit, of course. I was pretty impressed with how I drew my snowman; it sure resembled one!

This picture shows my personal attempt to draw a snowman blindfolded!

Club Impact came up with a splendid activity of tongue twisters. In this activity, one had to repeatedly recite multiple tongue twisters while being timed. I must say; this was a little tougher than it seemed! Overall, it was a fun activity and one that everyone enjoyed.

Additionally, there were a variety of games that we could play. Club Fearless presented us with three such games: crossword puzzles, word searches, and word games. It was a thrilling experience that brought out the competitiveness within all of us.

As we know, Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, surrounded by love and a very heartwarming environment. These games succeeded in making us feel the Christmas spirit.

This picture showcases students of Middlesex University Dubai enjoying games and competing against one another to win the ultimate prize: Chocolates! Photo/Riya Sahijwani

The Shutterbugs Club came up with the brilliant idea of a photo booth! It was decked up to look festive. They included props that ranged from Santa’s hats to reindeer ear headbands. I was absolutely in awe of the decorations! Every student thoroughly enjoyed getting their pictures clicked by their very talented coordinator Arjun Radeesh, a 3rd year Journalism and Communication student and an exceptional photographer, who captured some of our students’ best moments!

This Christmas, were you on Santa’s naughty or nice list?

The events club initiated a game where they decided who was naughty or nice with a draw. The ones who secured a fortunate spot on the nice list got to do easy dares, whereas the naughty ones had to do hard and embarrassing dares. Everyone had a blast, and some even got the opportunity to turn their friends into human-Christmas trees.

This picture shows the students having fun doing the dares and spending time with their friends. Photo/Riya Sahijwani

This Bazaar didn’t just have stalls and games. It also included many performances by the highly talented students and members of various clubs!

The DJs of the event, Akanksha Sunil and Mihir Bhalotia, seniors at Middlesex University Dubai, highlighted that Christmas music brings everyone together, spreads joy, and sheds light on all the good things that have happened to us in the past year. The feel-good music and the sense of warmth that we get from family and friends help us enjoy and cherish Christmas even more!

This picture shows the beautiful stall put up by Borgin & Burkes. Photo/Riya Sahijwani 

Borgin & Burkes is a company that has been setting up stalls at exhibitions since 2016, which showcases and sells unusual artefacts of various fictitious, superhero, and action films/shows. These include keychains, necklaces, pins, etc. This year they put up a fantastic stall of various little knick-knacks which were highly popular amongst the students of Middlesex.

P.S. If any of you are interested in Marvel movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy/franchise, and thrillers like Sherlock Holmes, this is the place for you. Do follow them on Instagram to view many such artefacts and exciting new things they come up with.

This picture shows everyone having fun and cherishing the performances. Photo/Riya Sahijwani

Celebrating Christmas and getting everyone in the Christmas Spirit is easily possible with Christmas carols and songs. However, the Dance Club also spiced it up with an energetic and heartfelt performance, making everyone move their hips and tap their feet.

As we all know, this pandemic has been hard on many. Celebrating the little joys in life and having a fun time is essential in today’s world.

We should all be able to help and cherish the company of the friends and family around us. Here at Middlesex, we encourage such activities, bazaars, and events to get everyone to celebrate and enjoy these festivities of life.

This Christmas Bazaar was super fun, exciting, and heartwarming. We do understand not all of you could make it this time, but we sure hope there will be a next time!

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