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The first day of the next stage of our lives

From binge-watching shows to blankly staring at the wall in boredom, summer vacation has finally come to an end, which means it’s time for one of the most exciting events of the year at Middlesex University Dubai: the ‘Week of Welcome’.

Experiencing the ‘Week of Welcome’ in full force after two years of hybrid learning feels beyond incredible—nostalgic, almost. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the first week of term, watching new and returning students interact with each other and form friendships through the numerous interactive activities made the experience even more special. Witnessing the pure excitement and sheer joy on new students’ faces, enjoying, and creating memories that will last their lifetime, reminded me of my first day at university—the first day of the next stage of our lives.

Students line up to watch the expressive performances by our students. (Aamina Shifa/Shutterbugs)

The visitors, students, staff, and parents alike were entertained by various events planned and executed by our student clubs. We had upbeat dance performances to all your favourite songs by the Dance Club, a high fashion runway by our resident Fashion Design students, and some jams by the Music Club.

Besides the performances to lift our spirits, attendees could participate in activities conducted by the social clubs. Participating students’ agility was tested at Club Impact’s Jenga game; their critical and linguistic skills were put to the test by the Journalism Club (Public Eye)’s Yabba Dabba Doo and Clickbait; and their moves were put on display at the Dance Club‘s Just Dance and Cup Pong activities.

The Events Club coordinators pose with the frame designed by Public Eye. (Aamina Shifa/Shutterbugs)

The event had something for everyone: mini golf set up by the Gaming Club, photo ops by our favourite photographers on campus, Shutterbugs, the Photography Club, and Spin the Wheel by the Events Club. The volunteers gave their all with engaging activities, energy, and interactive displays. Overall, the excitement of the first day of university is irreplicable, especially if the first day is as thrilling as the ‘Week of Welcome’ created this year after a three-year break.

Smiles all around on day one of the ‘Week of Welcome’. (Aamina Shifa/Shutterbugs)

You can count on our students to enter this year excited with energy, smiles, and positive vibes!


  • Fathima Riffai
    October 10, 2022

    Loved this article, really captured what I was personally feeling throughout the week of welcome
    Good job Laraib!! (:

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