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A growing crowd: ‘Week of Welcome’ Day 3

Reporting live from the third day at Middlesex University’s renowned ‘Week of Welcome,’ the crowd hasn’t fizzled out. It feels like the spirit of all attendees is further enlivened.

The temperature rises with every new game of foosball. (Kirti Mago/Shutterbugs)

The Art & Design Club, Poetry Club, Public Eye Club, and Shutterbugs set up their stalls at Block 17 and blew us away with their creativity yet again. While the visual and linguistic artists offers a few guessing games to put the attendees’ knowledge (and luck!) to the test, Public Eye was swarmed with students hoping to snag a canvas to draw a buddy—a sure crowd favourite.

The Red Bull stall gave students the opportunity to try out a Formula One simulator. (Kirti Mago/Shutterbugs)

But it doesn’t end there. This year, Middlesex University Dubai partnered with numerous sponsors for the ‘Week of Welcome’. Students were lucky to have a Red Bull stall where they could experience driving a Formula One car (I, for one, am very fond of Formula One and was ecstatic to see it). We also had Noon immerse us in a quick-fire game of Pictionary to win a goodie bag. There were numerous games for students to play created by our hardworking Student Activities team, with prizes if you won and light-hearted tricks if you lost.

The Public Eye stall features some artistic masterpieces. (Kirti Mago/Shutterbugs)

After that fantastic week of activities, as a student, I hope everyone joins a club — a social club if you aren’t sporty because clubs are definitely one of the best parts of university!

Volunteers pose with their portraits of each other. (Kirti Mago/Shutterbugs)

University life can initially be daunting for many, especially having to deal with unfamiliar faces, being overwhelmed by the jump from high school to university, and the list continues. The ‘Week of Welcome’, however, acts as a safe space for students to get to know each other, look around for helping hands, sign up for clubs, and play games to break the ice. Returning students also benefit from the pre-class break by getting the chance to rekindle their friendships after four months of summer vacation.

Good luck to all new and returning students; we hope you flourish in your passions.

Welcome to #TeamMDX!

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