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One For the Team: Scenes at MDX Sports Training 

The glossy gymnasium floor mirrored the overhead fluorescent lights as the large turnout of students huddled together, heads bent in a picturesque display of camaraderie. In unison, they erupted, “Three, two, one, Middlesex!” A scene like this is not uncommon to those who frequent Middlesex sports training sessions held almost every evening. 

In motion: digital camera captures volleyball service practice

RedBeat had the pleasure of talking to a few students who, unsurprisingly, expressed a similar sentiment. The term “family” was often used to describe the sense of community they had gained through Middlesex sports clubs.  

Students describe their experiences playing in Middlesex sports clubs 

Watch Aneef and Thenura, members of the cricket club, reminisce over their family’s history with the sport and how that translates to their current fascination with it.  

Aneef (Courtesy of Rayhan Mahroof) 

Thenura (Courtesy of Rayhan Mohroof) 

“Middlesex is not just a university. We’re a family” 

Laura, Girls Football Club

Apart from carrying their family’s legacies, students also reasoned their decision to play sports with their competitive drive, desire for entertainment and fun, as well as just enjoying the company of their newfound peers. 

A team member turned best pal.  

Middlesex continues to offer sports training throughout the academic year, spanning ten different sports. The schedule for them can be found on the Middlesex University Dubai website

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