Elena Andra Stoica

Elena is in her third and final year at Middlesex University Dubai studying Journalism and Media Studies. She launched RedBeat in her second year at Middlesex alongside Aliya Khatri, as a platform by the students for the students. Some topics that Elena is passionate about include company culture, regarding the way individuals interact within working environments and public speaking. Outside the magazine and academia life, she is also part of the core university volleyball team and is generally a sportive individual. In the future Elena aims to create content and write with a purpose, raising awareness, educating, changing perspectives and making a difference in people's lives. 

Sukayna Kazmi

Sukayna Kazmi is in her second year at Middlesex University Dubai studying Journalism and Communication Studies. After the launch of RedBeat, she worked alongside Elena to keep the magazine growing and prospering throughout the months. Keeping aside writing features on topics she's passionate about, she loves public speaking too. As a person who loves working, you'll always find Sukayna doing something or another — you might even spot her in front of the camera! In her free time, she enjoys creating videos and speaking in front of a camera to give a message. Sukayna wishes to dedicate her life to people and try to impact their lives for the better, every step of the way. As times goes on, she hopes to constantly learn and grow into the best version of herself.