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About Us

Aliya Khatri
Online RedBeat Founder

During her time as an advertising student, Aliya, along with Elena launched RedBeat - a platform for the several strong voices within the Middlesex Dubai community.

While at Middlesex, she acted as Editor-in-Chief of the student-led publication. She now works as a copywriter at a global ad agency in Dubai. 

If you don’t find her drafting out her next piece of viral content at work, you’ll most likely find her watching The Office for the 10th time.

Elena Andra Stoica
Online RedBeat Co-Founder

Elena is a Middlesex University Dubai graduate and studied Journalism and Media Studies. She launched RedBeat in her second year at Middlesex alongside Aliya Khatri, as a platform by the students for the students. Some topics that Elena is passionate about include company culture, regarding the way individuals interact within working environments and public speaking. Outside the magazine and academia life, she was also a part of the core university volleyball team and is generally a sportive individual. In the future Elena aims to create content and write with a purpose, raising awareness, educating, changing perspectives and making a difference in people's lives. 

Desiree Barreto

Desiree is a second-year Digital Media and Communications student and has been pioneering RedBeat’s new era. Though some may find her intimidating and intense, Desiree likes to live with her vivacious spirit on her sleeve. When she isn’t working, she can typically be found devouring culturally critical essays or abiding by The LEGO Batman’s Guide to Being Cool.

Arfa Kazi
Managing Editor

Arfa is a second-year Information Technology Student at Middlesex. She's the tech-savvy IT student, lyrical poet, and K-pop enthusiast you've probably seen reciting her work around the university. As RedBeat's managing editor, she's coding her way to better writing and editing skills. With a knack for storytelling and a passion for student life, Arfa's ready to connect with her peers one byte and one verse at a time.

Afrin Fathima Razvi
Content Director

Afrin is a second-year Business Information Systems student, making her world revolve around logic and practicality. Whether submerged in assignments, crafting intricate workflow charts, or organizing meticulous to-do lists, she values academic precision and excellence over all else. Off-duty, she dives into self-development and the profound realms of nature and philosophy.

Arvee Abinales
Art Director

Arvee is a second-year Digital Media and Communications student. She knows that joining RedBeat would immensely help her in enhancing and channelling her creativity. As the Art Director and an aspiring artist herself, it’s her goal to bring other students’ talents into the spotlight through the magazine. Outside of RedBeat, she’s working on her part-time job as a fangirl of her favourite K-Pop and P-Pop artists or binge-watching Ghost Files and Buzzfeed Unsolved (again).

Riya Sahijwani
Content Director 2022-2023

Riya Sahijwani is a 3rd year Law student. She usually describes herself as a social and energetic individual who is full of life. From being a law student to writing articles and funky captions, she tends to overthink sometimes and doesn’t like asking for help, even when she is drowned in work.

When she isn’t sleeping or lazing around, she enjoys art, photography and cooking anything that strikes her! She does enjoy reading and writing as more simple and relaxing time passes. 

Like every other individual, she loves rewatching her all-time favourite TV shows such as Friends, the Crown, Suits, and any crime documentaries.

Abigail Thakadu
Art and Social Media Director 2022-2023

Abigail is a first-year creative writing and journalism student. She describes herself as creative, reserved and visionary. From childhood, she has spent her days creating imaginary worlds with various characters and reading mythology and folklore from around the world. She has a naturally curious mind and enjoys learning about different aspects of life through varied forms of media, whether it be fiction novels, self-help books or online documentaries.

Initially, she had a keen interest in traditional print journalism but has branched out to explore different forms of media over the past year and is enthusiastic about sharing content and stories from different perspectives. She can be found leisurely swimming, visiting the beach, gallery hopping, sightseeing and journaling in her spare time.

Abigail hopes to play a valuable part in the overall success of the team. She believes one member's weakness is another member's strength and is always excited to work with fellow creatives.

Samira Banat
Editor-in-Chief 2021-2022

Samira Banat is in her fourth and final year at Middlesex University Dubai studying Journalism and Communication, with a year of Foundation of Arts and Creative Media in her back pocket - always handy. Aside from chasing down elaborate conversations and conspiracy theories for her feature articles, she’s got a passion for fashion, photography and videography (thanks to her childhood experience creating self-directing and self-starring music videos). In her professional life, she’s taken on the world of social media and more recently, dabbled in podcasting and channeled her empathetic spirit into content creation on social, humanitarian and environmental Issues, and politics, at a student-led law organisation. As time goes on, she aims to pack her passions into her (most likely overweight) suitcase and join hands with the many cultures of the world, whose stories she one day hopes to share, tell and publish.

Mohaddesa Meherali
Managing Editor 2021-2022

Mohaddesa Meherali is in her second year at Middlesex University Dubai studying Creative Writing and JournalismSet out to become an interior designer, and then a filmmaker, and then an economist and a lawyer - she chose to become a creative writer and journalist, learning and creating content on all things that incite her. When she's not found staring at sunsets and amidst existential conversations, she's probably rewatching a TV show (mostly crime shows), advocating for mental health or rambling about her latest area of interest. Growing up reading Agatha Christie, she's fascinated with the complexities of humanity and believes she’s an old soul who’s convinced there’s a mystery waiting to be solved at every nook and corner, and more often than not, staring you right in the face. Mohaddesa aspires to spark thought-provoking conversations and create an impact within people through empathy.

Lydia Vourlidi
Content Director 2021-2022

Lydia Vourlidi is in her second year at Middlesex University Dubai studying LLB Law. Aside from being found in constant debates and controversial discussions (tell me a law student who isn't), she is fascinated by crime novels, especially with Poirot and Sherlock Holmes, fantasising being in the 1900s on the Polar Express, solving a murder case. Apart from crimes and mysteries, in a wanderlust for adventures and travelling, it would not come as a surprise if you found her with a backpack in hand, hopping on a wild getaway to a distant tropical destination with seasoned music and dancing. She recently combined her interest in international affairs, law and journalism, by founding a law organisation, along with two of her friends, named Law For You, with the intended purpose to inform others about international events through a legal perspective. If liberty of speech and self-expression is to mean anything at all, then we have the right to tell a story as it is. Although life is a constant puzzle awaiting to be put together, as per Lydia’s advice, keep this in mind; veni, vidi, vici. Never be afraid to manifest your aspirations. Life is too short for us not to fulfil ourselves!

Iqrah Islam
Social Media and Art Director 2021-2022

Iqrah Islam is in her second year at Middlesex University studying LLB Law. She always had a passion for writing and designing. Though her major is law, she still has other goals which she is determined to fulfil. Those goals include fashion designing, graphic design, criminal law, and to read every book in the world. She has recently launched a blog page of her own (on Instagram) to showcase her writing skills and advertise a variety of brands. Furthermore, she has also contributed law articles to put her opinion forward confidently. She has been working on social media platforms for 8 years now and is an expert in photography, videography, vocals, editing all forms of social media work for individuals or businesses, promotion, sharing and writing articles, and much more. She wishes to be an inspiration in the world and to be recognised for all the work and effort she puts in. A social enthusiast who loves meeting new people and knowing about their character, personalities and their dreams, allows her to connect to others in not only a professional manner but also as a friend and confidant. 

Sukayna Kazmi
Editor-In-Chief 2020-2021

Sukayna Kazmi is a Middlesex University Dubai graduate of the 2021 Journalism and Communication class. After the launch of RedBeat, she worked alongside Elena to keep the magazine growing and prospering throughout the months, later becoming the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine during the 2020-2021 academic year. Led by Sukayna, the team pursued the colourful vision that motivated the founders, and carried their legacy into an exciting and expanding future.

Ayisha Alka
Content Director 2020-2021

Ayisha Alka is a Middlesex University Dubai graduate of the 2021 Journalism and Communication class. Along with her studies, she represented the club and magazine as the Co-Coordinator and Content Director during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Amina Khan
Social Media and Art Director 2020-2021

Amina Khan is a Middlesex University Dubai graduate of the 2021 Graphic Design class. Along with her studies, she represented the club and magazine as the Co-Coordinator and Social Media and Art Director during the 2020-2021 academic year.