About Us

Aliya Khatri
Online RedBeat Founder

During her time as an advertising student, Aliya, along with Elena launched RedBeat - a platform for the several strong voices within the Middlesex Dubai community.

While at Middlesex, she acted as Editor-in-Chief of the student-led publication. She now works as a copywriter at a global ad agency in Dubai. 

If you don’t find her drafting out her next piece of viral content at work, you’ll most likely find her watching The Office for the 10th time.

Elena Andra Stoica
Online RedBeat Co-Founder

Elena is a Middlesex University Dubai graduate and studied Journalism and Media Studies. She launched RedBeat in her second year at Middlesex alongside Aliya Khatri, as a platform by the students for the students. Some topics that Elena is passionate about include company culture, regarding the way individuals interact within working environments and public speaking. Outside the magazine and academia life, she was also a part of the core university volleyball team and is generally a sportive individual. In the future Elena aims to create content and write with a purpose, raising awareness, educating, changing perspectives and making a difference in people's lives. 

Sukayna Kazmi

Sukayna Kazmi is in her final year at Middlesex University Dubai studying Journalism and Communication Studies. After the launch of RedBeat, she worked alongside Elena to keep the magazine growing and prospering throughout the months. Keeping aside writing features on topics she's passionate about, she loves public speaking too. As a workaholic, you'll always find Sukayna doing something or another — you might even spot her talking in front of the camera! In her free time, she enjoys creating videos and reading anything that catches her eye while sipping a matcha frappuccino. Sukayna wishes to dedicate her life to people and try to impact their lives for the better, every step of the way. As times goes on, she hopes to constantly learn and grow into the best version of herself.

Samira Banat
Managing Editor

Samira Banat is in her second year at Middlesex University Dubai studying Journalism and Communication. Aside from chasing down elaborate conversations and conspiracy theories for her feature articles, she’s got a passion for fashion, photography and videography (thanks to her childhood experience creating self-directing and self-starring music videos). In her professional life, she’s taken on the world of social media and more recently, dabbled in podcasting. As time goes on, she aims to pack her passions into her (most likely overweight) suitcase and join hands with the many cultures of the world, whose stories she one day hopes to share/tell/publish.

Ayisha Alka
Content Director

Ayisha Alka is in her final year at Middlesex University Dubai pursuing Journalism and Communication Studies. A workaholic with a flair for academic and journalistic writing, Ayisha loves dabbling around topics relating to health and nutrition, fashion, social issues, and investigative journalism (because who doesn't love a little detective work?). Having a personal connection with nutrition, she is also a content creator at @ayishaalka on Instagram where she brings about nutrition awareness, alongside attempting to defeat the contemporary challenges of healthy eating faced by today's youth. However, this doesn't mean that you won't find her munching on food wherever she goes — press conferences, events, you name it. Ayisha takes a profound interest in learning new things — whether it is a new language or a new skill, because one should never stop learning. Her ultimate goal? There isn't a definitive one yet, but she wishes to change the world a little with what she learns and captures every day — it's all about creating an impact.

Amina Khan
Social Media and Art Director

Amina Khan is in her final year at Middlesex University Dubai pursuing Bachelors in Graphic Design. She has always been passionate about graphic design but has a leaning interest towards brand identity. She is an avid pizza and meme enthusiast - ask her anything about them and she will know. Apart from that, she has had first-hand professional experience working in world-class events with industry professionals. A notable example is her experience as a graphic design intern in the 24th World Energy Congress. If you don't find her on her laptop with a huge cup of coffee planning her next logo design, you will surely find her next to her canvas, painting acrylic landscapes. Amina's dream by a long shot is to change the Dubai design landscape into something which is more aesthetically pleasing, yet respectful to the rich culture Dubai holds.

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University Activities Section Editor
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Lifestyle Section Editor
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Health Section Editor
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Entertainment Section Editor
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Poetry Section Editor