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March 2021

Why is Japan called Japan, when its official name in Japanese is ‘Nippon or Nihon’ (in Japanese: ‘日本’)? In other languages as well, its name varies. ‘Japon’ in French, ‘Giappone’ in Italian, ‘Yaponiya’ in Russian, 일본 (Il-bon) in Korean, and 日本 (Rìběn) in Chinese. All

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”― Roy T. Bennett, the Light in the Heart With this inspiring quote, let

Figure 1. Anti-abortion protest outside the US Department of Justice. Source: Unsplash. The motto, “liberty, equality, fraternity”, appearing first in the French Revolution of 1787, has formed the current basis for human rights. It brought together legal guarantees of civil liberties and

‘National Author's Day’ - it's a day not known by many. It's a day that celebrates the power of words on readers, at least that's what French philosopher, Michael Foucault said. "Who is an author?" "Authors are creators." I am no author, but just

Warning: There might be spoilers. For those of us who have kept up with Sherlock Holmes from back when it was reading material in school, we have seen it take on various adaptations. From Elementary to the BBC’s Sherlock, it was no surprise that there was