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Poetry Pieces (Poetry Club Collaboration)

Part 1

The poem is about a little girl who goes through several incidents in life that really changed and affected her as a person. Through her dreadful past with her friends abandoning her, being bullied and joked about, one thing stayed by her side. Books. They helped her through all the hard times.

Though she developed trust issues and was deeply hurt throughout her childhood, she gained a good friend. The poem puts forth the view that books are man’s best friend and sometimes they are far better than humans. Unlike humans, it doesn’t backbite, abandon or hurt you in any way. It just stays by your side and guards your secrets like its very own.

There’s a line in the poem that goes like, “Her daddy told her that tears were worth a dime”.

It shows us how humans tend to push away negative emotions. Though her daddy cared for her, what he used to say ultimately meant that she shouldn’t cry and should hold back her negative emotions — which led her to cry in secret.

While, with books, it’s quite the opposite. You could pour your heart out and write. Cry and weep all night. And it won’t say a thing which is sometimes more comforting than someone wiping your tears or giving you advice. A book just lets you be, it hears you out and when you’re done it guards you and your secrets safely. It helped the girl in the poem a great deal. Although she has a dark and scary past, she knows that all her secrets are safe and sound. She can start afresh every day and know that no matter who leaves her, who ridicules her, there will always be someone she can go back to tell.

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A quiet, nervous girl sitting in a corner minding her own business,

She didn’t care, she didn’t speak, she said her first words, with no one there to witness.

She was an orphan living with strangers

At least that was how she felt

Her heart solid and strong, unable to melt

She had no friends, all she had was herself

She didn’t need anyone; she’d pacify and tell herself

She didn’t like to be pitied, she had her own back

Happiness, joy and laughter so why does she lack?

In her rack, were here deepest secrets hidden in her books,

It all started with her looks,

Bullied by crooks based on her looks,

Abandoned by folks,

And being the center of all the jokes.

Tired, heartbroken and lonely she was at that point of time.

She recalled how her daddy told her that her tears were worth a dime,

And so, she tried not to cry in front of her daddy but in secret, like it was a crime.

From then on, she became a living mime.

Not a word she’d say, even after all those years in time.

She doesn’t cry anymore but has a hard time opening up,

She fears that once she gets close, she’ll be abandoned like she was growing up.

All these secrets buried in her books, sealed and safe,

The reason why she can smile, fake and stay brave.

~ Shyma Kauser

Part 2

This poem is based on the superficial world we live in and how beauty is perceived. Women were oppressed, beaten, and tortured to death in our dreadful history. They were tortured physically then and are tortured emotionally now. Why? We say that women have a voice and say in their matters, but do they really? People still judge them.

You’re judged if you wear a short dress or a veil. Such problems have yet not been eradicated. A woman wears a veil, because she wants to, not because she is oppressed. She covered her body, not her intellect. She has the right to dress the way she wants; act the way she wants to and speak the way she wants to. Whether she shows her skin or covers it up, it’s up to her. She is beautiful, no matter what.

Beauty is more than just about physical appearances. Showing skin is not equal to beauty and covering up does not mean you’re ugly. You’re beautiful because you’re brave, positive, intelligent, and strong. It’s time we start complimenting each other based on our qualities rather than physical attributes.

Beauty truly lies within you.

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Hidden Beauty

She lived in a world where beauty was everything, or might I say, showing one’s beauty was everything.

People ranked and judged each other based on what they would show.

You were pretty if you showed it all and declared ugly if you covered it all.

Because covering meant to them, that something was wrong.

But she didn’t care at all, let the world say it all.

She knew she was beautiful inside and out, and she knew that she didn’t need to show it to know it.

She was a pearl in a shell.

A hidden beauty in a veil.

~ Shyma Kauser


  • Anusuya
    June 14, 2020

    Fantastic work!❤

    • Syeda Maryam Mahmood
      July 8, 2020

      Mashallah, love to read more

  • Sayed Hasan
    June 14, 2020

    Wow, beautifully written poem!

  • Dima
    June 14, 2020

    I like both parts.
    Both have a moral and a message that can help the human to look always at a good thing inside and around.
    I wish u all the success and plz keep write poems , u r doing great job.

    • Shamma
      June 16, 2020

      So beautifully written. And both poems give such valuable msgs!

    • Nikita Thakwani
      July 4, 2020

      Beautifully written ♥️

  • Syed Mahmood
    June 15, 2020

    Excellent very nice

  • Syed Omair Hashmi
    June 15, 2020

    Ma shaa Allah very beautifully written and very awesome lines.Really loved it,the way you have written it.

  • Aamir
    June 15, 2020

    Really well put beautiful poems. Great work love to see more of your work.

  • Dr.Musfira
    June 15, 2020

    Masha Allah very beautiful

  • Maria
    June 15, 2020

    Loved both of them honestly!

  • Himayat Khan
    June 15, 2020

    Masha Allah, very inspiring, message oriented and wonderfully written. Rhymes in the poetry are very meaningful and impressive. Keep up the good work and please keep writing more.

    All the best for future endeavors.

  • Zoya
    June 18, 2020

    Very well written, I enjoyed reading both the poems! Would love to see more of your work!! ♥️

  • Zo
    June 21, 2020

    Enjoyed reading both the poems! Would love to read more, keep writing!! ♥️

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